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The Pecatonica Prairie Trail is a 29.5 mile multi-use trail (bicycle/pedestrian/cross country skiing) between the cities of Freeport and Rockford in northern Illinois. It is the largest single segment of the northern portion of the Grand Illinois Trail that ultimately will link the Mississippi River with Lake Michigan.

The trail provides not only a fantastic recreational resource for local residents, but also a functional, safe and scenic transportation alternative connecting the cities of Freeport and Rockford while passing through the villages of Pecatonica, Winnebago and Ridott. No admission fee is required.

The Pecatonica River and several streams meander along the length of the trail. In rural areas the trail travels through farmland, woods, remnant prairies, wetlands and scenic meadows. In urban areas it runs along residential, commercial and industrial sites.


The Pecatonica Prairie Trail will remain open during the 2019/2020 Illinois Hunting seasons. The Pecatonica Prairie Trail Commission strongly recommends that anyone using the trail during designated hunting dates wear the standard, hunter-recognized blaze orange apparel.

Hunters are not allowed to hunt or carry weapons on, or shoot across, the trail right-of-way, or to use the trail as an access to hunting areas. Hunters are allowed to cross the trail, and to retrieve game that has fallen on the trail right-of-way.

2020-2021 Firearm Deer & Turkey Hunting Seasons – Northern Illinois

Oct 24 - Nov 1 - Turkey 
Nov 20 - Nov 22 - Deer
Dec 3-6 - Deer
Dec 11-13 - Deer
Dec 31- Jan 1, 2021 - Deer
Jan 15-17, 2021 - Deer